Word Domination Part I

We all have little personal goals, be it to read more, to drink less or for total world domination.  Being a partial geek with a modest ethical compass, total world domination should be child ‘s play.  My preferred route is via developing little mobile apps.   My 3 step Blitzkrieg plan is as follows :-

  1. Write a good mobile app
  2. Have lots of downloads of said app
  3. Bask in glory of total world domination and set my minions to work doing my bidding

As simple and elegant as this plan is, sadly, it has not come to fruition.  Not yet.  Perhaps I need to better practice my evil laugh.

I have released a few apps which have had between quite and very meagre downloads and so I have been stuck on step 1 for a while.

My last app Lexigon is my best hope for success so far.  This blog will detail the woes and the woo hoos of Mobile App development.  Who knows, maybe along the way I shall trick you into doing my bidding!

Main Game Screen of Lexigon


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