Marketing #Lexigon

Lexigon is being well received with some good feedback from users. I have tried to action every email and every review on the apple store. That must be the first goal of any app developer, listen to your customers.

What I need now is more downloads of #Lexigon. Many many more. Not having access to piles of coins, this is now a challenge of marketing on a budget!

So how do you market your app?

I tried local papers with talk of all the time and effort taken to get to this point. Taken from the stand point that their readers would be interested and they too could write their own apps with a bit of dedication. An upbeat local interest story – ‘Local Boy Does Good’. No reply.

A trip to the local newsagent found all the technology magazines for iPhone, iPad and Android. Sent emails to all these magazines to see if they would be interested in reviewing my app. These were UK magazines with again the viewpoint of being a UK developer they might be interested what home grown talent can do. No reply.

Tried various Internet review sites. Knowing they get swamped with review requests I tried to be interesting and amusing at the same time. No mean feat I can tell you. Again, No Replies.

All in all this marketing on a budget of pennies is not easy task! As they say if first you don’t succeed try, try again.


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