Happy Birthday Lexigon

It is now almost one year to the day when I came up with the idea of Lexigon. I remember it well. (dramatic pause as I look off in the distance in a “doc” Emmett Brown stylie). Originally, I had the goal of getting it all finished and in the Apple Store in a month. Typically, I say everything will take about a month. (Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less)

I did have a rough demo up and running within a couple of weeks. So you could select a word and you’d get a tick or a cross depending on the word being in the dictionary or not. But then the real work began. Every game needs a menu system to select what to do. Every game needs music. Then throw in high scores, saving them to Game Center with achievements and then Multi Player. Before you know it it’s five months later!

Getting Multiplayer working was a big task. Big. It took about half of the development effort. At this point my phone was just a 3G, it didn’t support Game Center. So I bought an iPod touch specially for the purpose to test multiplayer with my brand new iPad (version 1). With all the focus of getting multiplayer working, it’s a bit of a sad realisation that a year later and only a handful of people have played Multiplayer. Doh! and Oh Well in equal measures.

Anyway, after 5 months of development I was so bored of writing code and re-writing code that I decided to submit it to the apple store. Important note to self: Never Release Code Too Early!!! Never, I tell you, NEVER!!!

It had bugs and had some fair reviews for the fact it was a bit buggy. Another 5 months after the first release and it’s at Version 1.4 and it’s pretty good and getting some good reviews. However, you only get the big surge of downloads when it is first released, so I’m still chasing more downloads.

Below are some images of Lexigon. One is a mock up I did in May 2011 and others are how it eventually turned out.


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