#Lexigon v1.5 Released

We have just submitted v1.5 of Lexigon to the app store so you should see the update in about a week.

This update has a few changes. You can now play Lexigon in both landscape modes. I know this has been a problem for iPad users as the board was upside down when using the new iPad covers. It seems quite a simple change, but I have tried a few times before and gave up. This time I decided to fix it as we got direct feedback wanting it done.

Another change in 1.5 is todo with randomness. Randomness is a funny beast. There’s all sorts, pseudo random, true random and then there’s tests which test for randomness. If you have a few months you can read up on NIST random tests. The problem is that a word search game where you can make words from random letters is that you don’t really want random letters. As randomness can result in all vowels or all consonants. Also a board where every single letter is the same still has a chance of happening due to randomness, and is a valid random selection of letters. However, this isn’t what we want. We want a board where we don’t get all vowels or consonants. This has been fixed.

Now for a bit of fun. At the end of the game you can have the option to post (or boast) your score onto Facebook or Twitter. Others can see your score and try to beat you!

That’s it for 1.5. We hope you like the changes and thanks again for all the comments!


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