In Game Facebook and Twitter

Lexigon is our biggest and best game for iPhone, so far. Recently we added social support so players could post their high scores with the aim of challenging their friends to play and try to best them. Thus increasing the total number of people playing Lexigon.

After a few weeks of version 1.5 we can take a step back and see what effect it has had adding Facebook and Twitter support.

Now for the clanger! So far no one has used Twitter to post their high score. (except my test account) We can’t see Facebook posts, but we probably have to assume the same. A resounding ‘oh fiddle’.

There is a difference of course between a game like Draw Something where Facebook in central to the game and Lexigon where we are just posting a high score. Still, we did hope for a better posting rate than zero.

For the small developer the main point of marketing and advertising is the apple store initial release of your app. You get mentioned in new releases. As such day 1 is probably going to be your highest download day. It’s always worth trying new routes to get your app out there. But above all, don’t mess up the initial release.

Now, time for me to get back to the drawing board.

2 Responses to “In Game Facebook and Twitter”
  1. vara prasad says:

    This is very nice, Just i need to know how to integrate facebook in cocos2dx. If you know please provide me sample application

    • lazybrush says:

      I will be updating the series of posts on ‘Lexigon: From iPhone to Android’ soon. In the end my solution to getting Facebook into the Android app was to use Scoreloop.

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