Lexigon Through The Ages (15th Century Onward)

Here at LazyBrush Skunk Works we don’t just make one of the best games available for Android and IPhone! Oh no! We are also committed to the serious endeavour of research. It has come to our attention that Lexigon has been a hit game through the ages. Evidence suggests it was used as far back as the 15th century.

As we all know painters used to make several preliminary sketches before they started painting. Even after completing a work of art they would, at times, repaint certain sections. With the use of various imaging techniques we can see what these paintings would be like with or without the re-worked portions.

As we can see here, Mona Lisa was actually well into her gadgets. The mystery over that smile is finally solved. She had just got the high score on <a href=http://www.lazybrush.co.uk>Lexigon</a>.

Many enjoyed Scarlett Johansson’s performance in the jolly good film ‘The Girl With The Pearl Earring’. However, we can see here how completely inaccurate that film was. It was actually little Lexicubes which were in the original painting. Sadly, as with most mysteries, we will probably never know why Vermeer changed this painting.

Here we see Van Gogh’s painting of a chair. Some consider this to be an early commission from Ikea for their summer 1888 catalog. However, it’s more likely that this painting, the empty chair, represents ‘the void’. The complete emptiness which can overcome oneself when contemplating philosophy and ones place in the universe. In this original, a much happier version, you see the empty chair with a game of Lexigon. Lexigon, which we all agree is good at filling that lonely time between snacks.  Still others, who have spent their lives dedicated to the meaning of this painting, think this is just a painting of a chair. The researchers at LazyBrush now believe if Van Gogh spent more time playing Lexigon and less time mopping around he wouldn’t have cut off his ear and shot himself.

We do hope that you have enjoyed this little tour of the history behind Lexigon.  You too can become part of this history and download the FREE app from www.lazybrush.co.uk.

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