How to get more App Downloads

So you have the Next Cool Thing on IPhone. You spent months working on it, months testing and fixing. It’s in the store and you sit back waiting for the avalanche of downloads! Sadly, your app bobs away about the 10 to 50 downloads a day and never quite makes it. As time passes the downloads slow down even more and you feel the world has crushed a little more life out of you.

You are not alone.

If you skim through this blog, you’ll see some of my ideas and attempts to solve this. So far I’ve not had great success. But, I was thinking as I was driving back from Scotland of another way to get more downloads that doesn’t involve money or being scammed. Let me explain.

If you took a random selection of Geek Types, then typically a good percentage of them would say ‘Heck Yeah! I wanna write mobile apps and games’. If you also took that random selection of Geek Types almost none or zero would say ‘You know, I really fancy becoming a marketing guru and sell stuff rather than write games’. This is the problem.

In an ideal world people would just download your app. In the next best world you could collaborate with someone wanting to do marketing. Sadly, they don’t exist. No one really wants to help you unless you pay them first. This is doubly so of marketeers.

But if there are lots of us in the same boat what can we do? I am not really a marketer, I’m an engineer damit Jim. However, here are my assumptions:

  • You have a free App for iPhone or iPad
  • You earn money from adverts

The things of value you have are your app and the fact people use your app and it displays adverts.

I almost like the idea behind Tap for Tap. You join their network and display their adverts, then you earn ‘credits’ and get your adverts shown in return. The thing I don’t like about this is there is a 2 for 1 ratio. So you display 2 adverts and get 1 of your ads shown in return. Perhaps a better name would be Tap for Tap after we take half your iAd revenue. Obviously with this Tap for Tap are making quite a bit of money.

Now I have no interest in earning money from other peoples apps. I want my apps to stand on their own and I want my money to be earned from my apps. (see I told you I was an engineer and not a marketer)

So I suggest that we create a new advert sharing system which is fair and is an actual one for one. Also, Tap for Tap does not appear to have the ability to set a percentage of ads to show. For myself, I would be happy to ‘share’ 10% or so adverts, still leaving me 90% income from iAds. I don’t really want to give away 100%.

I have come up with a rough design for this scheme and think it has quite a good chance of success. If you are a developer on iAd and would like to collaborate on a trial then get in touch. I’d like to trial with just a handful of people and see how well it works.

Thanks for reading and keep on coding!


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