Lexigon in your Web Browser

It’s been a while since I posted anything on wordpress. The ‘job-that-pays’ has been keeping me quite busy and then over christmas I got struck down with ‘Serious Bilateral Pneumonia’. Almost 2 weeks in hospital and think I managed to give everyone a bit of a scare. The good people at Stafford Hospital looked after … Continue reading

Lexigon in the Express & Star

The nice people at the Express & Star have written a little article about Lexigon. It is in todays paper (12th July 2012), so grab yourself a copy and have a read. As the article says pop over to http://www.lazybrush.co.uk and get yourself a Free copy of Lexigon.

LazyBrush.co.uk – New Website

The trusty LazyBrush web site was getting a bit beyond long in the tooth. For a while we’ve been thinking about a Total Recall of the old site, to make way for the new. Now, with the help of Web Necessities we have a new site! Point your browser at LazyBrush.co.uk and enjoy!

How to get more App Downloads

So you have the Next Cool Thing on IPhone. You spent months working on it, months testing and fixing. It’s in the store and you sit back waiting for the avalanche of downloads! Sadly, your app bobs away about the 10 to 50 downloads a day and never quite makes it. As time passes the … Continue reading

Google Admob Campaign, or Not

Here at Lazybrush we have written a neat little Word Search game called Lexigon.   On the iPhone it has had 6 months of customer reviews and improvements.   This month we have just released it for the Android platform. So far, we have been quite disappointed by the download rates from Google Play compared … Continue reading

Android vs Apple, The Developer Truth

Here at LazyBrush we have now written our game Lexigon for both Apple iOS devices and for Android devices. It is about 10k lines of code on the Apple device and a bit less on the Android as we didn’t port over the Apple Multiplayer Game Center code, and some other differences. Technically the two … Continue reading

Lexigon Through The Ages (15th Century Onward)

Here at LazyBrush Skunk Works we don’t just make one of the best games available for Android and IPhone! Oh no! We are also committed to the serious endeavour of research. It has come to our attention that Lexigon has been a hit game through the ages. Evidence suggests it was used as far back … Continue reading

Lexigon released for Android

We are proud to release Lexigon for Android. We now have Lexigon for both Apple and Android devices. The download links are at LazyBrush.co.uk. We hope you enjoy playing Lexigon!

Podcast with British Tech Network (@LazyBrush and @claw0101)

A few days ago I chatted with Karl from The British Tech Network (http://www.britishtechnetwork.com) as part of their AppChat section.  In AppChat, they chat to developers of apps to gain a ‘behind the scenes’ view of app writing. By sheer luck I managed to get through the entire interview without swearing or alienating too many … Continue reading

In Game Facebook and Twitter

Lexigon is our biggest and best game for iPhone, so far. Recently we added social support so players could post their high scores with the aim of challenging their friends to play and try to best them. Thus increasing the total number of people playing Lexigon. After a few weeks of version 1.5 we can … Continue reading