Podcast with British Tech Network (@LazyBrush and @claw0101)

A few days ago I chatted with Karl from The British Tech Network (http://www.britishtechnetwork.com) as part of their AppChat section.  In AppChat, they chat to developers of apps to gain a ‘behind the scenes’ view of app writing. By sheer luck I managed to get through the entire interview without swearing or alienating too many … Continue reading

Lexigon: From iPhone to Android (Pt.1)

Our game Lexigon (Apple Store Link)  was written using Apple’s XCode in objective-C and using the 2d game library cocos2d.   Cocos2d is truely an excellent library, in short it gives you everything you need for game development, all the building blocks of a game.  It is written in objective-C and best of all it … Continue reading

In Game Facebook and Twitter

Lexigon is our biggest and best game for iPhone, so far. Recently we added social support so players could post their high scores with the aim of challenging their friends to play and try to best them. Thus increasing the total number of people playing Lexigon. After a few weeks of version 1.5 we can … Continue reading

#Lexigon v1.5 Released

We have just submitted v1.5 of Lexigon to the app store so you should see the update in about a week. This update has a few changes. You can now play Lexigon in both landscape modes. I know this has been a problem for iPad users as the board was upside down when using the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Lexigon

It is now almost one year to the day when I came up with the idea of Lexigon. I remember it well. (dramatic pause as I look off in the distance in a “doc” Emmett Brown stylie). Originally, I had the goal of getting it all finished and in the Apple Store in a month. … Continue reading

Marketing #Lexigon

Lexigon is being well received with some good feedback from users. I have tried to action every email and every review on the apple store. That must be the first goal of any app developer, listen to your customers. What I need now is more downloads of #Lexigon. Many many more. Not having access to … Continue reading

Word Domination Part I

We all have little personal goals, be it to read more, to drink less or for total world domination.  Being a partial geek with a modest ethical compass, total world domination should be child ‘s play.  My preferred route is via developing little mobile apps.   My 3 step Blitzkrieg plan is as follows :- … Continue reading