LazyBrush Plays Minecraft on Raspberry Pi

So Where do we start? Perhaps at the re-spawn point. Minecraft is an amazingly addictive game. In Minecraft you mine for blocks and you can use these blocks to craft various shapes and buildings. And Kids love it! The Raspberry Pi is a small cheap computer which is aimed to get kids into computing. The … Continue reading

Lexigon: From iPhone to Android (Pt.2)

In part 1 of this posting I started to talked about porting my game Lexigon from iOS to Android.  Go and have a quick squint at part 1 to get an overview of porting from cocos2d to cocos2d-x.   Now I continue on with some of the technical points of porting. STRINGS Most things in … Continue reading

Lexigon: From iPhone to Android (Pt.1)

Our game Lexigon (Apple Store Link)  was written using Apple’s XCode in objective-C and using the 2d game library cocos2d.   Cocos2d is truely an excellent library, in short it gives you everything you need for game development, all the building blocks of a game.  It is written in objective-C and best of all it … Continue reading